HSP Huygens Scholarship Programme…a Milestone

My journey began with an enthusiasm and euphoria of my HSP scholarship result. It was a dark, cold, quiet, and gloomy night of April 26th, when at nearly 11p.m. my cellphone alerted of one received message. Almost all of my housemates were revising their upcoming mid exam, so was I. Thus, at that very moment of 10.48p.m., firstly, I thought that it would be another message from my friend asking about this or that question or formula (I would sit for emulsion exam and membrane exam the following day). My reluctance turned into yell of praise in a second when I found Ms. Tina’s name on the sender’s name. Soon I opened it. Just one utterance.
Congratulation! You got HSP scholarship.
For the rest of my life, I would not be so sure that I would make another scene on very late night. I soon knelt down and praised The Lord for this great joy and grace He gave as an answer for my prayer. My room neighbor, Astin, who was lying on my bed copying files by Bluetooth on my laptop could not bear her curiosity and asked what happened to me. I took upon to say that my HSP scholarship application was selected. Then I ran to Angel’s room to delivered this joyful news and to share with her. She hugged me, congratulating me. My neighbor housemates came out of each room, perhaps felt annoyed at first because of much noise. But soon after I explained what made me unable to control my feeling, they celebrated this glory with me. I texted my Mom, and both parents called in haste. Words of praise the Lord flew out repeatedly; and after she ended the call, I texted my two “invaluable brothers”, Cahyo and Fattah, about my joy. Notwithstanding the dead of night, I ran downstairs towards the internet café in front of my home stay, to check e-mail and website announcing the HSP Huygens result. For your information, to acquire this scholarship and study in Holland for free, one must compete with worldwide applicants. My e-mail inbox alerted me of one new mail received. It was from Nuffic, and there was a link inside the mail directing to the pdf file of scholarship result (I didn’t forget to open my Facebook, either, and was surprised to find that one of my fellow scholarship from Malaysia, Adila, had congratulated me on my Wall, she surely had found out). I opened the file, checked it out, and found my name on 57th row of table. I reckoned there were 221 applicants from all over the world to receive the Huygens scholarship including me. It was easy to guess that for the remainder of the night (or dawn), I could not sleep entirely. I was conspicuously aware that I would still have the last two exams in a row awaiting me, but who cares, my adrenaline was pumped throughout my veins, hindered me from recollecting emulsion stabilization and hollow fiber membrane preparation. Several text messages arrived at my cellphone, full of congratulations.


17 thoughts on “HSP Huygens Scholarship Programme…a Milestone

  1. congratulation, you has been make your dream come true…
    i hope u can help me in my final project with connected international jurnal from netherland…
    ang congratulation to netherlang go to semi final world cup 2010 they beeting brazil at 1/4 final….hiks..hiks…

  2. i can imagine how’d you feel at that time. congratulation!!!
    can you share us some tips to be listed in that prestigious scholarship? i plan to apply for 2011/2012 academic year : )

  3. Dear friend, I do not know you,
    but I wish to share your joy!
    This year I am applying for HSP second time and hope to win it.
    How is your study year in Holland?

    1. Hi Olga, nice to hear your effort. Well, now I’m in my 5th month here, my study block has almost over and my internship will start on February. So how is your application going? Send it soon coz the dateline would be 1st Feb. Good luck.

  4. Hy,

    I just wanted to ask you something. I got my nomination for HSP quite late, 19th of January. And it took some time to establish meetings with my professors for the recommendation letters. And it’s really snowing outside :))
    I’ll send the letter on the 25th of Jan, from Romania.
    So, if my letter arrives after 1st of Feb, do you think they’ll throw it away?

  5. Well, I’m afraid to say so, since the deadline here is very strict. If it is stated to be 1st of Feb, then it will be so. But you can try fedex or DHL or any courier agency to dispatch it as soon as possible.

  6. Dear mbak Dini, saya Chely dari arsitek UNDIP angkatan 2008. Saya juga mendaftar HSP Huygens dan sudah saya kirim sih,tanggal 26 kemarin dengan UPS dengan guarantee jam 12 sampe di kantor nuffic tanggal 31 Jan. Do you think that will be alright?

    Saya dikasi tau blog ini sama mbak Katiti (plano 2008 –> kakak kelas saya waktu SMP) dan saya dikasih tahu tentang mbak dini oleh mbak Nadya (arsitek 2007 –> kakak kelas saya)

    Please share HSP. I’m not that confident actually.

    1. Oh yeah, Nadya is such a great friend to share ^_^. Yes, I think it will be alright since 31 Jan is Monday, isn’t it? I know sharing in blog is the only brilliant way I couldn’t overlook since I have no other way to reach people in my home country. Hope it inspires you a lot. Actually, time after submitting your application is the wait-and-pray period since you will be of no participation in that step. So, I suggest you to put your uppermost effort in this last stage: saying your prayer.
      Give my regards to Katiti.

  7. Well, the envelope got safe on Friday, by post and 20 times cheaper than through a courier. Thanks for the answer and wish me luck 😀

  8. Hi..your blog is really inspiring me!
    Thanks for that 🙂

    Actually, I applied for HSP 2011 to take master’s program. Unfortunately, I am not granted the scholarship 😦

    However, I am still able to study in Netherlands in 2011 by other scholarship 🙂

    So, may I ask anything about studying and living in Netherlands with you?

    Would you like to send me your email address?

    Thank you so much!!

    1. Hello SNS, I’m really sorry I can’t leave my email address here due to the danger of spam etc. What would you like to ask?

    1. Good luck fragriver for ur application. Hope that you will get the HSP. Well, I’m also grateful since u read my post as a sophomore, meaning that u still have quite a time to prepare everything, including your GPA to work on.

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