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Double Degree for Me

Double degree for me…

Is not about adding an extra degree on the end of my name: ST and B.ASc.

Is not about for giving extra credit on my resume

Is not about having more privileges by having the title from abroad

Is not about having been educated by European style

Is not about having opportunities to explore Europe by my own saving

Is not about showing off branded stuffs I bought in Europe which could be much more expensive in my hometown, or even rare

Is not about being a snob with upwarded chin and despising others look

Is not about giving your testimony in front of juniors and freshmen after I come back

Is not about being a part of success alumni stories all around the world

Is not about seeking job in multinational companies (oh yes, it is, but is not my primary reason for being here)

But double degree for me…is about being a wanderer, a vagabond, of my own path of life

About surviving alone in a country 17000-something kms away from home

About managing and organizing your life and your decision after all

About being away from home for one year

About struggling on my own

In these past few months, I found fragment by fragment of my life puzzle

After one year of survival, I shall be different

Wandering, for me, is the final test of maturity, and I must pass this


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