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How I’ve Spent My Time Lately

Goede morgen.

Back with me, DSL, live broadcast from Den Haag. Well, actually it sounds pretty boring to have an idea of posting my recent daily life. But, I guess it satisfies your curiosity about what I’ve done here, what I’ve accomplished, how I manage time, how I manage my loneliness. Check my life schedule out, and you’ll see. Please feel free to post comment or to share your own daily life ^_^. Enjoy reading.


Well, I divide this post into two subchapters, the weekdays and the weekends. It’s easy peasy to understand why my daily life schedule varies in week ^_^.

Five working days, and two sleeping days.

My working days start at 6:45 when my smartphone rings its Tompi–Tak Pernah Setengah Hati ringtone as wake up alarm. And as you easily guess, I dismiss it, try to sleep ten or fifteen minutes more, or just wake up.

Then I say my prayer and read my Bible, being grateful for a nice sleep at nights and wishing a good day for my family in Indonesia, my best friends, my man, family here, friends here, or anybody who needs my prayer.

Next, I make a quick breakfast at kitchen, consisting of usually a glass of juice –strawberry grape pineapple mix is my favorite — and a toss of biscuits or any loaf I can find at the drawer.

Then, I take a shower and go. I usually take the 8:06 tram to CS, and take 8:21 train to Delft. Having arrived at Delft CS at 8:33, I take 8:37 bus to my office.

Working working working working lunch working working working working.

Next, I wait for the bus to take me to Delft CS, and take the reverse direction as I do for morning to Den Haag.

Spending time at home, preparing for dinner, taking shower, ironing my shirts, and a variety of home chores are part of my evening. Closing my day with evening prayer, I go to bed.


However, my daily routine seems not to change so much from weekdays life. I just get up later, and have plenty of time to do refreshing stroll or shopping, but that’s all. I’m reluctant to go abroad during my internship period since I really want to spend my weekend around Holland, literally by visiting nearby towns or just earning more sleep at my bed. Staying at home during the afternoon is highly not recommended, since my weird apartment puts all the door from glass and even installs the skylight on the third floor. I’m on the third floor and it means hot air rises up, piled up with the heat from skylight and glass door. It is simply called greenhouse effect and global warming in spring and summer. Plus, The Netherlands is the warmest country in Europe this spring. Perfecto! Veel het, hoor?

What I do on weekends are doing groceries (boodschappen in Dutch), window shopping at Centrum (a fortunate consequence of living at the Centrum of Den Haag), enjoying the fresh atmosphere, going to Haagse Markt (well I don’t do it any more as I had traumatic experience there), doing girls talk with my “sister” — a nice woman to talk to–, or simply visiting my “grandmother” near my house.

And this is what I like much from weekends: Skype time ^_^! Friday evening or Saturday evening with my man, and Sunday afternoon with my parents.

My spirit status:

high on Fridays, peaking on Saturdays, a bit lower on Sundays, much lower on Sunday evenings, normal (or trying to rise) on Mondays, stable on Tuesdays-Wednesdays, and a bit higher on Thursdays since Thursday is the koop avond in Den Haag (koop avond is a custom where all shops open till 9:00 p.m. Fyi, shops in The Netherlands have strict openingstijden or opening time, it means they just open 8 hours a day. They usually close at 6:00 p.m., except the big supermarkets such as Albert Heijn. When I arrive at home at 6 or even 7 p.m., there is not much to do outside).

Well, this is my daily operation program. How about yours? ^_^Share it.


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