Boost Your Blog

It has been a while since my last post. I am literally addicted to blogging, I can’t explain why. I might as well blog or post my current feeling in view of the fact that I’m more a solitaire thinker when get struck by a problem rather than a beggar for help. Blog is my digital age trash bin. Blog is humankind modern waste bin, as well as social media. Strange, huh, how life transforms our social tea time event from hanging around discussing trivia with friends to chatting and submerging ourselves into Facebook and Twitter?

I enjoy blogwalking as well. I learn a lot from others’ blogs. I’ve changed my layout recently to create a sharper and brighter look, neater arrangement of my posts in order to keep my readers comfortable. I also added Share button which you can see lying underneath my posts. Like and vote buttons were already there; thanks to WordPress for adding them automatically since my first hello to blogging.

Well, I can’t write any particular idea at the moment, so I can give you only this trivial things about boosting the appearance of your blogs. However, I hope as little thing as this post might help, the bigger or more serious ones would do so as well.




2 thoughts on “Boost Your Blog

    1. Sudah kuduga hahahaha… Nope, it’s not introvert. It’s just a particular trait since my stay here. I’m not comfortable to share my stories not because I’m antisocial. I don’t like to share my stories to people here coz normally I don’t like their response. They who have been here earlier may consider my problems as trivial, or even worse, they consider myself as neurotic. That’s why I prefer to keep the problems for my parents, my man, and me. In view of necessity, I might as well share it on my blog, not to catch any response but to get rid of the burden to carry the weigh alone.

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