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Let’s go to the point.

I have the clock ticking downcounting for the next 45 hours before my final defence.

I also have these running in my mind:

  • how I shall pack my stuffs
  • how I shall send my stuffs by TNT post to my home in Indonesia
  • how I shall — if I’m strongly nominated to be a candidate for full-time contract employee at the organisation I’m currently working at — find a house to rent
  • how I shall spend my remaining time in NL. This answer depends on the option no 3, meaning that if I’m hired as full-time employee then surely I’ll spend the remaining time for moving house and managing administrative stuffs before going home

Above all, I’ve put my utmost in this thesis defence. Aside from all things running in my mind for steps taken after graduation, I did, I do, and I will put the best of me in this final battle to win the goblet, the cup of a champion: the B.ASc. degree.

Pray for me, people.

Sin cera,


Best regards for my parents, my man, and my best friends here and in Indonesia.

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