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Human is a Half-winged Creature

I wonder when I last heard or read this title as a verse of a poem. Probably in the last year of my high school.

I was raised in Catholic school from kindergarten all the way through, except in university. I got acquaintanced with the writings of fathers of the church. St. Augustine’s City of God (which I never finished), Anthony de Mello (my favourite), and some others.

Human is a Half-winged Creature is a poem of which author I don’t know. However, I still remember the meaning of that poem. Human is depicted as bird that only has one wing. Obviously, it cannot fly. Half-winged bird needs other likewise half-winged creature to unite for the flying. Human, analogously, needs another human to couple their half-wings to create an intact pair of wings.

I miss my significant other, my likewise half-winged other human. My half soul without which I can’t survive. Being away from home as expat creates such circumstance where I feel only half-alive. I never feel completed through any achievement if the half part of me is not around. Nevertheless, my part of life being away from my half soul is not eternal. Eventhough I feel partly alive here, deep in my heart I realize there is somebody — thanks God I’ve found him — possesses the half soul of mine. No matter how far I went away, I will always find a place to come home, a place where I’m back alive. A place beside the owner of my half wing.

By that time, neither I or he is called half-winged creature any longer.


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