My Muse

Life after College

Dear my readers,

I’ve finished all aspects from my bachelor education. The last thing to be finished, which is internship, had been done. My graduation ceremony when the diploma or certificate will be handed in is next Wednesday, 6 July, 3 days before my 22nd birthday.

As a lot of graduate students think after graduation, now what?

Well, you can have several life-after-college options, excluding spending some time for holiday of course :p.

  1. taking a master degree. Take this if you’re interested in academic life, or if your brain is still in the mood for studying (which is definitely not mine…mine is fed up)
  2. looking for a job. You’ve had experience as intern or trainee, now go for an employment position interview.
Apart from every argument in both options, take some time for relaxing. You yourself need to be in a peaceful and calm state before being ready for the next struggle. It’s like taking a time to introspect after several major setbacks, while in this case for your achievement. Going for holiday with family and loved one, shopping spree, or just relax at home doing DIY wellness care, are worth doing.
Honestly, I’m sure I’ll miss the Netherlands. The country, the people, the particular spots in Den Haag and Delft. I love them.
I’ve no idea whether my job will still get me here or any other part of the world. Doesn’t matter. I’ve been here. I’ve felt how is like to be torn apart from your own culture, to be implanted to new world. I’ve felt how is like to be apart from your significant other. I’ve felt how is like to struggle alone for your future in somewhere in the northern part of the world. Those experiences make me stronger. That’s it.  I’ve grown.
It is a probable best gift for my 22nd birthday, that this year has been blessed with full of opportunities, an eventful year I’ve met people and seen the world from its breadth.

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