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Top Things I’ll Surely Miss from Europe

…or The Netherlands in particular.

  1. Chocomel. Everyone who has had a sip of it agrees that this brand deserves its tagline: De enige echte.
  2. Super fast internet connection up to 54 Mbps.
  3. Daily fresh milk.
  4. (Belgian) patat. Everybody knows that M*D french fries is fake if they have tasted the real patat in Belgium.
  5. Opening time of shops. Supermarkets are rarely opened until 10pm here, unless big groceries network like Albert Heijn. They normally close at 5 or 6 pm -__-, so don’t expect an evening shopping session on after-hours like we usually do in Indonesia. Do your groceries on Saturday/Sunday, or at koopavond, when the shops open till…well, at least they stay longer…9pm.
  6. Its steep house staircase. Beware of stumbling upon and rolling down the stairs.
  7. Its small yet beautiful houses. I wonder how they squeeze a closet and shower in a 2×2.5 square metre bathroom or douche.
  8. Excellent bakery. You deserve it.
  9. Punctuality and law enforcement…especially for a passenger bought a korting ticket before 9.00 am -__-“
  10. Cleanness is denoted by dryness. A dry kitchen is a must. So is a bathroom. Don’t forget to swab your shower water on the floor to the drain. It is even common to put a piece of carpet cloth on the WC/douche. That’s not, however, so common in my country -___-…water is everywhere, you know what I mean. But it’s of no wonder seeing that what equipment you use to do your bath there.
  11. Cheap pasta and pasta sauce. Spaghetti, tagliatelle, linguini, macaroni, penne, rigatelle, aaah you name it. Easy pasta everytime I want to cook my dinner.
  12. Cheap branded stuffs. I’ve heard the story that in Indonesia these brands sell the stuffs with the euro/USD price tags on them. They also put the currency conversion on a visible board. But the cashier price is different from everybody’s calculation. I wonder why. Do they think we are stupid?
  13. My fashion style. I’m a big fan of: ankle boots, office lady look, formal style, and very good jeans. I can hardly find my shoe size in Indonesia, which is 42 (that’s not normal for a woman’s foot, neither is in Europe). Neither can I find high quality jeans of my wide hips size.
  14. Good lingeries. No need to say.
  15. Last but not least, fresh air. No wonder, car owners have to check their vehicles annually. They will get fined if the police found no checking control report. After all, people love to bike.

5 thoughts on “Top Things I’ll Surely Miss from Europe

      1. I’m in a small village called Ilmenau. Aaaaarrrghhhh really??? 😀 I thought you’re in Netherland. I can’t go there because I have to stay in the lab from the morning until around 5p.m. Let’s meet in Oz then..haha 🙂

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