What to Put inside Your Cabin Bag

Dear allemaal,

As you may notice my new blog header, I’m currently living in Indonesia, my homeland.

I just want to share a bit about my luggage, and I don’t want to tell you how it felt to fly 19 hours cross-continent. The airlines I used restrict the cabin or hand luggage to be maximum of 7 kg, while the baggage is of maximum of 30 kg.

My cabin bag contained:

  • documents (diploma, mails)
  • travel documents (passport, tickets, boarding pass)
  • laptop
  • small pouch containing liquid packed in total maximum of 100ml. Make sure that this pouch is transparent so you don’t need the officer to unpack your pouch. I only brought lipgloss, lipstick, moisturizer, facial wash, paracetamol, and my asthma medicine.
  • tissue
  • wet tissue
  • mineral water bottle (you can empty it before boarding. Drink it fully and it saved you from dehydration at the beginning hours of the flight before you can drink at the plane).
  • Mobile and smartphone, plus their chargers.
  • Digital camera and the charger.
  • A pen and a notebook.
  • Plastic bag

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