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Review: Hada Labo Tamagohada mild peeling facial wash

Well…about  it

I can only say, it’s good and cheap but since it has AHA+BHA, it doesn’t work for me well if I use it daily.

Maybe my skin is too sensitive on it, so I can only use it every other day.

But the result is amazing, though, that’s what I love from this product. My whiteheads are dramatically reduced. My complexion looks fairer, brighter, and clearer. Seriously the chemical peeling works. Definitely will repurchase.

HL mild peeling
HL mild peeling



Now I know the trick. Use it daily but only at night. AHA+BHA can give bad effect if exposed to sunlight. So I use to cleanse my face before bed every night and it’s just amazing. I get the glowy, healthy, supple, and bouncy effect, now no more breakout (maybe my skin adjusted).

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