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My Daily Skincare Routine

I’m inspired by other mbak-mbak beauty blogger who post this kind of thing in their blogs. Semacam post wajib begitu yak… Tapi bagus sih karena raise awareness kita tentang bagaimana si A bikin kulitnya begini, si B bikin begitu, dan mostly because they work with different products. That simply proves that skincare is unique as individual is.

My history of skincare routine starts when I feel am adult enough to spend my own money. I’m so thankful to earn enough money as an engineer here. Apart from savings, I spend a little to my skincare haul. I have some cosmetic items, standard ones, like loose powder, compact powder, CC cream, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, blush on, and lipstick, and most of them were purchased in low price shops like essence (in The Netherlands during my study there) and Stroberi (Indonesian teenager’s shops). Some of them were of middle end product line like Etude and Makeup Forever (well actually I didn’t purchase it, it was just a sample ^_^)

Here it comes to the skincare. Now that we are talking about skincare, I need to mention that I don’t religiously follow one particular trend of skincare, namely the hot trend now about Korean/Japanese skincare. Yes I own some of their products but that’s it. My skincare routine varies of where I am at. For instance, when I stay in Europe, I used The Body Shop, essence, local drugstore products, and I was totally fine. When I’m here in Indonesia’s tropical climate, I get used to adapt like my mom’s skincare routine: she’s totally into Viva. I don’t follow her quite completely, but I like Viva milk cleanser and toner. They’re cheap, available everywhere, and effective.

For almost one year and a half, I regularly visit beauty clinic once a month to do facial. I don’t need to state the brand name, but it was expensive for me, even though it’s only a little of my salary. Not being a jerk, but I work for my family so I can’t spend that amount of money only for skincare while that same amount can be allocated for other more useful spending.

So I stopped that skincare…I still hold the member card, fyi, but I don’t repurchase the cream. Not only because of the price, but some bloggers also suspect the product is infused by the steroid. Ok. That rings a bell. Steroid applied on my face? Daily? Well, goodbye, then.

I struggled with breakout after breaking up my relationship with the clinic creams. And luckily for me, it didn’t take a long time to stabilize my face and recover from the transition to new skincare routine. Maybe that’s because all suspicious steroid residue in my face were already wiped off, and I unpretentiously chose the right products: ones that claimed aren’t infused with unnecessary ingredient that can cause comedo and allergy.

My skin profile:

  • age now : 25
  • complexion : yellowish fair
  • oily
  • sensitive to breakout and allergen

So my skincare routine now is as follows ^_^

Morning Routine

Morning starts with splash of cold water on my face to wake me up and refresh. Facial wash with Hada Labo Gokujyun facial wash or Biore Pore Cleanser to cleanse from dead skin cells and sebum production built overnight. Ended with dabs of Viva Toner (I usually choose either lemon, cucumber, or spirullina).

I use Skinaqua SPF 30 as sunblock. Marcks Venus loose powder is optional.

After that, make up can follow starting from that sunblock as a good base, then eye base, etc until topped off with cake powder from La Tulipe.

Night Routine

Double cleansing at its best! Viva milk cleanser (cucumber or lemon, whatever I have), followed by same morning facial wash or Hada Labo Tamagohada mild peeling, ended with Viva Toner.

Followed by Hada Labo Gokujyun lotion, and dabs of Clean and Clear acne clearing gel on the red spots, or feel-like-emerging pimples. Or maybe Viva Acne Solution, thicker and not transparent at all, but it contains sulfur that helps killing bacteria and dry out the pimples.

Note: Tamagohada contains AHA+BHA as chemical  peeling. Chemical peeling, although feels gentler than physical peeling like scrub, works the same: lifting out impurities and dead skin cells out, promoting skin cell regeneration. It boosts up your skin metabolism. For people with sensitive skin like me, better to use it every other day or occasionally to prevent breakout or big pimples as allergy reaction. Some people claim Tamagohada can be used as daily facial wash without irritating the skin. Well, I can only say your skin is yours, you know what’s best.

Special Treatment

Weekly, I use the Viva facial mask. It’s super simple, just mix the powder with some amount of water and brush it on your face until it dries out, then wash perfectly.

How about your skincare routine? Share below ^_^

2 thoughts on “My Daily Skincare Routine

  1. My hair is so greasy the morning after washing that it looks wet! The only shampoo I’ve found to help is T Gel for greasy hair. It’s cut the grease down a lot, I really recommend.

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