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On Wedding Preparation

Wedding preparation can be super tough. I can’t compare it with preparing for TLC job, for instance. But it’s another thing. You prepare waaaay earlier than the big day, involving your partner and family and partner’s family, and yet there are lots of things to work on. I personally don’t use the WO/EO service, because the venue is a hotel ballroom and that’s why the hotel provides almost all-in service. The hotel is in partnership with catering, decoration, video recording/photography, 3 free rooms for bride groom and parents, what else? Well, actually it’s like a WO, but not a WO. You know what I mean? WO is more like one day service and they provide ushers, car, or bridesmaid/groomsmen. 

Anyway, for field personnel like me and my fiance, it’s hard to organize a wedding. Ordinary, normal couples, can do whatever discussion and wedding preparation on dedicated weekends, normally by having lunch/dinner, sleepover, etc. But us? Oh well, if he’s onboard for a job, sometimes I’m also onboard on other rigs or even stay at the town. Chances are, we stay together for only one or two consecutive days at the town before one of us starts to get busy again for next job. But since the beginning of this relationship, we are already aware of the consequences, so we anticipate the hectic last minute preparation by taking some vacation/days off together beforehand. We communicate what we want to our parents, so in case none of us could be at the hometown to do some preparation related stuffs, we can delegate the tasks to family. Besides, it’s extremely normal in our society to perceive a wedding as a family’s work. It’s so helpful because I don’t need to worry in case the catering will run the food test, the hotel wants the down payment, bla bla bla, we have people ready to help with the tasks.

Other thing you might consider if you’re field personnel, or generally a busy couple that can’t dedicate full time preparation, is don’t expect anything too complicated. Remember, you can’t have serious amount of time for the preparation, so please simplify your wish, or make it easier to come true. People will be more eager to help you out because it’s not something out of their imagination, plus you wouldn’t spend so much time debating, convincing, or presenting what  you want to the catering/hotel/decoration/all related parties. I’m not saying you would have dry, ordinary wedding reception, but please tone down some parts and don’t be too idealistic on something. 

In my case, my parents want us to do traditional wedding. Initially, I wanted to have international wedding. But the culture that grows in our family is still holding on to that traditional ceremony for special moments in life. So, OK, we do it their way. Next, since the concept is already clear, there’s not many things to discuss around make-up/ceremony because it’s a standard. Catering, hmm, I delegate the task to my parents and since they basically have same taste as mine, I believe whatever they choose would be perfect. I can go home for 2-3 days and attend the food test if my boss gives me days off.

Next, dress. Traditional dress is as it is. I can be creative on the reception on the evening, but not at the church in the morning. So, one dress to think of. I already got the model so just need to find a boutique that I can rent from. I don’t like the idea of buying customized wedding dress as I will only wear it once in a lifetime, so it’s not practical. Plus, it will cost some more to modify it to party wear if I want to continue to wear it on some occasions. 

Souvenirs. Hmmm, a bit tricky as we want to give something that is useful yet memorable. Still looking for inspiration, though.

The parts that I can tone down and be rested are:

  • make up artist and traditional wedding ceremony and dress. There’s a standard for this and our make up artist is so special as she is well known for the traditional wedding handling plus she is also Catholic so she won’t be clumsy to work inside the church ceremony.
  • Wedding car is provided by the hotel
  • Decoration is provided by the hotel. I saw some photos of their artwork and I feel OK. This is the part that I told you to be not really idealistic. Just be easily content with their work and you’re happy. It’s not that you’re easily satisfied, but anything acceptable is OK. Broaden your standard, instead of feeling downgrade it.
  • Catering, as my parents can have the food test.

Honeymoon? Well, I don’t see it as a must. Not saying we’re not fun, but we want to allocate our savings for home. My fiance and I are more excited to browse the Pinterest for our home design pins rather than browsing the internet for honeymoon destinations. It’s super eye-satisfying to see a house imported from Pinterest catalog hahaha. Millions of design idea run through my mind.

Preparing for a wedding is exciting, worrying, and fun at the same time. And trust me, even though you’re living a busy life, you’ll always find good excuses to drown your mind and time for this.

One of wedding kebaya that I’ll wear the similar design on my big day





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