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Leisure Time

So recently I deep-thought of my leisure  time activities. Why some people prefer partying while others being couch potato for their leisure time is completely individual preference.  I love being at home being couch potato watching some series or movies, lazing around the house on pajamas and sleepwear, having my parents (if I’m at my hometown) or my fiance with me, doing easy cheap maintenance on my body and face, and having serious beauty sleep.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Cancerian girl? As the personality of a Cancerian unraveled, they are women who put the family/house/domestic stuff as their nest and sanctuary. That’s what I am. Although sometimes I feel I can see better or cozier places in this world, always, home will be my place to come back.

I love cooking and eating, and I enjoy my tongue being pampered by cuisine adventure. I love more if I cook for some people close to me and they enjoy my dish. On a rainy afternoon, I could spend it on my couch reading a good book or enjoying series online. Or…sleeping. But sometimes, in my off days, I wanted to have some more sleep to replace my lost sleeping time during job. Although I could repay it during normal office working days, but still, it’s a temptation to wake up super late on days off.

So if I list my hobbies in my leisure time are (not ranked based on anything):

  • Watching dorama/movies/YouTube videos
  • Shopping and window shopping
  • Blogging and blog walking
  • Practicing new hairstyle or make up
  • Pampering myself with good aromatherapy/easy face mask
  • Sleeping
  • Cooking and having meal together
  • Trying out new places

How about you folks? ^_^ Please share in comments column.


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