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My New Beauty Haul

Ssst…one of them is becoming my holy grail ^_^

So my friend and I visited Dubai to shop at Dubai Mall (it’s so enormous). And we had shop like Sephora there. But the thing is they don’t have Korean/Japanese line so I bought what I needed only, not having to buy from the lines I don’t like.

Taraaa, my beauty haul

Beauty Haul

They are Benefit the Pore Professional, Givenchy Rouge Lipstick 102 Beige Plum, The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Oil, and Inglot Breathable Nail Polish at 677.

Why I love?

  1. Benefit Pore Professional is a very good primer at reasonable price. The beauty assistant offered my Smashbox Photo Ready but then I tried and it’s a bit watery finish, while the Benefit is more powdery.
  2. Givenchy…hmm…after I read this beauty review.
  3. Camomile cleansing oil, after I read a lot of review about the balm, but I decided the oil as I don’t like the balm. Dipping your hand to the container everytime you need the balm is less hygienic than pump as in oil. I want to have cleansing oil for my better double cleansing work. At first I wanted to buy Shu Uemura cleansing oil, better to spend at all rather than halfway. But Dubai doesn’t have Shu Uemura. So this TBS is I think the second best.
  4. I knew Inglot from my moslem friend in Balikpapan, that she needs a breathable nail polish so she can use it for wudhu. I also saw Arabian women here buy this brand, and specifically I overheard because they want the breathable ones. So my friend asked me the colour 631, while I bought 677, the nude shade. I like it.

Well, give me your comments below.


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