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About Skincare: My Holy Grail

I’m a big fan of double cleansing. It’s not a new thing for me since I became a convert long time ago, even before it became a trend.

In Indonesia, the Viva skincare product, Martha Tilaar, Mustika Ratu, almost all others also, focus on double cleansing by milk cleanser, face tonic, and facial wash. The thing is they did it in different (I won’t say wrong) sequence. They do it in milk cleanser – tonic – face wash, while the double cleansing I follow is milk cleanser – face wash – tonic. Tonic is the toner, it’s a kind of QC (gosh, I’m talking like an engineer again) your cleansing whether it’s proper or not. If you properly cleansed your face, by wiping the cotton pad of toner on your face after face wash you shouldn’t see any makeup/dirt residue, as it should have been cleansed.


So it becomes necessary to have arsenal of skincare products that work for you. My HG now is Chamomile Cleansing Oil from The Body Shop. I bought it for 65AED in Dubai during my trip there. It practically works. My waterproof eyeliner and mascara just came off easily without excessive rubbing. The best part of it is when I do the toner check, the cotton didn’t show any makeup residue. Happy with the result ^_^


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