Hair and Beauty Tricks

Dating Makeup and Hairdo

Dear readers,

So we meet again in my nth post. Here I’d like to talk about a pretty eye make up for glasses, dress, and hairdo for romantic outing. But actually you can still sport the look for office or formal attire.

Please have a look at the gallery.

For the eye makeup, I adapt the Naked eyeshadow tutorials on YouTube, you can find plenty, but I use the dupe, the supercheap one you can only find at Strawberry shop Indonesia ^_^. It’s so pretty and you still need to use the eye primer. I don’t wear fake lashes coz even my natural lashes+mascara already touched the lenses.

I also wear the double braid bun, but instead of one braid, I spliced the ponytail into 2 braids to make it easier to tuck in the loop. I’m sorry I didn’t take link from where I saw it, but it was just this.

List of products:


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