Hair and Beauty Tricks

Smart Buyer, Smart Educator

Hi I’m back. I just wanna give an insight about being a smart buyer and smart educator. Six months ago when I completely abandoned the beauty clinic visit and routine, I became more studious about makeup and skincare in internet, by blog posts or forum. Tons of knowledge was scattered around for me to find and absorb, so it shaped me like now, becoming aware of beauty and skincare products.

This awareness makes me more selective in buying new products and attentive to hygiene in beauty routine. I started to live in new habit. I washed my beauty brushes regularly, although I don’t have special liquid to wash them, I just use hand liquid soap or dishwasher soap hahahaha. But at least it wipes away all makeup dust and dirtiness¬†that collected in them.Then I always practice double cleansing, by using cleansing oil and facial wash. And it feels soooo goood. I never have breakout anymore unless I’m trying new product that is allergic to my skin. My face is not as oily as before when I still religiously followed the beauty clinic routine. Plus, the whitehead and blackheads in my nose and cheek are easier to remove, unlike before. Maybe because the products I use now I pick selectively, so no harsh ingredients like medical prescription inside. Of course, because all products I use as my daily skin routine now are available at supermarkets or drugstores, and they have POM number, so we know that the ingredients are meeting the standard health requirement. I like my complexion now because it’s fairer, but not unnaturally fairer.

Being a smart buyer means you can be a smart educator, too. Recently, when I was back at my hometown, one pouch on my Mom’s desk attracted me. The pouch has 3 or 4 bottles and jars inside, and they are skincare series like toner, cream, night cream, or something like that, from something like home industry brand. To my surprise, there is no POM number nor ingredients in all of them. The liquid color inside was orange-ish and the brightness was suspicious. The brand was in abbreviation, so you have to spell the alphabets. Completely suspicious. When I asked my Mom, she said she bought them from the potluck event, from another lady who sold them there. Oh my…I thought. Now my Mom had fallen into unawareness trap. She didn’t realize that it might contain dangerous substance, because who knows. Then to my even more surprise, my Mom bought it because another lady in the potluck said her complexion got fairer after several days of usage of these products. My my…now it got even worse. Like…seriously fairer? Dangerous substances inside it, perhaps? I asked my Mom to stop using those products, and she was reluctant. Ok, I tried to convince her but she said to wait and see.

After several days back in Balikpapan, my Mom texted me saying that she abandoned all the creams because she got rash allergic at her face. Ok, noted Mom. I was happy she got that reaction because otherwise, she would have thought everything was OK until the dangerous substance deposited in her body due to prolonged consumption. Yikes. God forbid.

Second case, my fiance. He went to a beauty clinic to get medication for his acne scars. This was preceded by me suggesting him to go to a beauty clinic to have it, because I know he’s not studious enough to pick the most suitable products from the drugstore for his skin, and I can’t choose for him, either. So I recommended some beauty clinics that I went to before, by thought that it would be ok for some months routine.

But he went to a clinic his brother-in-law recommended. I didn’t really care, because his face was getting clearer. Until one day… I took a look on his skincare arsenal from the mentioned clinic, and in one jar it was written: hydroquinone.

Now what. I told him to stop using that and explained that hydroquinone is already one of the dangerous substance that is banned by Badan POM.

Smart educator can start after you have awareness on the skincare product, and you can start from your inner circle, family, friends, until the people you know have the healthy beauty habit.


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