Hair and Beauty Tricks

Some of My Works on Hair Buns

I love hair buns, because it’s not everyday my long hair is in its tip-top condition. On 2nd day of wash, usually it’s not as volumised as on the day before. I can’t pull off sleek long hair beautifully in that condition, so I wear the hair buns.

I like braids. Braid is elegant and pretty. Combining hair bun and braid makes a braided hair bun. In the picture below you can see my low-sided braided bun. The other picture is I’m trying to pull off the hit hairstyle: ballerina bun/sock bun/donut bun.

I have big black large thick hair band, so I don’t need any donut maker out there. I tried different techniques, namely the “spreading evenly your hair on the band” and “the rolling donut trick”.

The spreading-evenly-your-hair-on-the-band trick is found out to be easier for my long thick hair. I tried the rolling donut trick and it was super messy. And I found out great trick for ladies out there with long thick hair as mine, to make that bun neater (that obviously wasn’t used in recreating this bun in this picture because it’s messy):

  1.  after placing your donut maker or hair band or sock, spread evenly your hair. Then secure the big loop black hole (I call it a black hole coz its 3-dimensional-look like your hair sucked into that singularity –> effect after watching Interstellar) using skinny hair band. This skinny hair band helps your hair sit into place and not move while you are wrapping the rest of your hair around the base of your bun. I seriously regret that I found this trick only recently, because all my previous big loop black hole was messier before I started using this trick. The flyaways are the worst because the length of my hair is not the same, so during wrapping the rest of the hair around, they just spread out in any direction. Big mess.
  2. Braid the rest of your hair. Like I wrote in previous step, the flyaways go by their own mind in any direction, making my life impossible. I had to say goodbye to perfect neat bun like the rest of the Youtube channels. But I found one video tutoring on how to secure the rest of your hair by braiding. Wrapping around the braid is easier and neater than loose hair.
Low-sided Braided Bun
Low-sided Braided Bun
Donut bun
Donut bun

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