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About Skincare: My Holy Grail

I’m a big fan of double cleansing. It’s not a new thing for me since I became a convert long time ago, even before it became a trend.

In Indonesia, the Viva skincare product, Martha Tilaar, Mustika Ratu, almost all others also, focus on double cleansing by milk cleanser, face tonic, and facial wash. The thing is they did it in different (I won’t say wrong) sequence. They do it in milk cleanser – tonic – face wash, while the double cleansing I follow is milk cleanser – face wash – tonic. Tonic is the toner, it’s a kind of QC (gosh, I’m talking like an engineer again) your cleansing whether it’s proper or not. If you properly cleansed your face, by wiping the cotton pad of toner on your face after face wash you shouldn’t see any makeup/dirt residue, as it should have been cleansed.

So it becomes necessary to have arsenal of skincare products that work for you. My HG now is Bioderma Sensibio I won it from the Femaledaily giveaway. Anyway I also had tried Bioderma Sebium, the variant for oily skin. It practically works. My waterproof eyeliner and mascara just came off easily without excessive rubbing. The best part of it is when I do the toner check, the cotton didn’t show any makeup residue. Happy with the result ^_^The objective of my skincare regime now is to maintain the suppleness of my skin, maintain the clear complexion, and as preventive action against acne. My routine job is going from one offshore rig to another. Living in location like that really exposes my skin to various water quality. More often than not, I encounter yellowish water possibly containing iron in it. And God knows what people put in the water for disinfectant/chlorine.

It’s routine story that my skin produces acne and some bumps after few days in the rig. Blackhead/sebum clogging the pores can be extracted by extractor I always carry on my beauty pouch. But acne or bumps? God forbid you pick it up by your fingers. Bumps are the most difficult one because they don’t have pus to extract. Another case is freckles or Indonesian calls “bruntusan”.I don’t know how to solve bruntusan because normal acne medication is too harsh for them.The root cause is clear: water quality.

Now I put SKII in my daily routine, and my skin improves a lot. My skin can hold against the pollutant and produces very low level of acne/bumps/bruntusan in the rig. SKII really does a great job, I swear. I’m really satisfied with the result. SKII doesn’t really hinder the acne, for normal skin you still get acne. It just reduces the amount and it keeps your complexion healthy and glowing. My colleagues say that my complexion is brighter and glowing, and they want to know the beauty secret ^_^. Well, apparently some of them also use SKII, but maybe they don’t get the expected result. I don’t know actually every skincare regime is personal. You can’t justify the reason to buy products just because they work on somebody else.
So here are my daily skincare routine:

Himalaya Antiacne facial wash/Himalaya scrub
SKII clear lotion
SKII clear solution
Neutrogena sunscreen
Himalaya scrub/antiacne
SKII clear lotion
SKII clear solution
Tea tree oil

Feel free to share your regime in comment below!


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