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Now that I have married I want to make my Tumblr link public. Not that I made it private previously, I just didn’t expose the pages to public, like on my social media account. So that I continued to access the Tumblr blog but privately, thus I freely wrote anything I desired without having public reading it in absence of my consent.

No beating around the bush, yes I know, so here is my Tumblr link:

And if you gorgeous readers ask what that means, datdenkik is Dutch words.

It is “dat denk ik”, which means I think that.

And the page title is Dus, schrijf ik mijn idee hier, which means “Thus, I write my idea here…”

The reason why I hid it from public was the personal stories of which my brain sparked the idea of writing it on a website as my personal diary, apart from this Griyatawang blog that mainly has nuance of adventure, muses, and tutorials. Griyatawang does not tell us about my personal love relationship, my crush, and stuffs like those. I had crush, broken relationship, too high expectations, and so on and so forth. However, since I was inconsistent in which platform I wrote, I didn’t switch to Griyatawang when I wanted to write something else, like my mudik post here. The mudik post contains general idea about mudik and does not reflect my love or crush or my view on relationship. But since I slipped, I wrote it too on Tumblr.

Enjoy the posts in Datdenkik, and feel yourself in my realm.





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