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Now vs Then – Tumblr Version

Hello sweet readers! Welcome back to my blog. Welcoming the new year 2016, everything just like walked past us swiftly. I remember it was 26 Dec when we flew to Manado, my husband’s hometown (well geographically his is not in Manado, but Tondano instead). Two days before, my Dad visited us in Balikpapan to deliver the wedding photo album which eventually was produced after 4 months of waiting and waiting. I wonder what the editing process was that took so long. In Tondano, my Mom-in-law played the wedding video by an LCD projector to the extended family there. We had guests everyday in Tondano, and as if eating like a party wasn’t enough, we were also invited to others’ open house events.

Feeling full, drowsy, lethargic, sleepy was completely normal through the cool days and nights with the wind blew through the slit on the wooden house. Yes, in case you wonder, traditional Minahasan houses are made of wood in their traditional knock-down style.

After stuffing up our stomachs with rica, dabu-dabu manta, ayam woku and everything the Oma’s (Dutch: grandmas) there cooked, we flew back to Jakarta to sign up for my SKCK to apply for scholarship. My husband also needs to visit his old office for some documentation.

So here we are in Jakarta now. I’m scrambling through old Tumblr posts. You might notice that in my last WP post about my old Tumblr account, I used to keep the Tumblr private. Now I re-read and want to compare some dreams and resolutions recorded in those Tumblr posts to the now.

I number the posts for quick review with the now, and you can visit each post by its hyperlink.

1. This post about the meaning of life

This post was written in March 2015, when I imagined myself standing in crossroads (again). I was confused and yet my mind was clear that I need to do something else, that the true calling is somewhere else.

Then : realizing inner call

Now : trying to project the inner call

2. This 2012 resolutions post

Then : Perth, Australia. Bank deposits. A good guy. Husky.

Now : Balikpapan (I had a good career in this company, even went overseas, but not to Perth). Closed the bank account due to cancellation of working in Perth. Married to a Christian, Manadonese, tall, glasses, loves dogs, but different vision here and there. It’s a marriage life after all, it’s never the same of apple to apple between spouses. We own a pawtner, a furriend, a mix german-belgian sheperd or whatever breed you may think our Bonny is. Not a pom, let alone husky.

3. This July wishes post

Then : iPad, a book about relationship to God, pick up? I don’t understand what I meant by “pick up” lolz.

Now : iPad, “Lady in Waiting” which I didn’t apply to my life. I failed to act as demure as Ruth, therefore I think I didn’t get my Boaz.

Taking it one by one, it’s always interesting to look back and be grateful for what we have achieved and where we are standing now. Often times people can’t appreciate what they have for they are always looking up above to what other people have or achieve. While we look up, we never realize that ourselves are who others look up to, so it creates a chain of motivation. Then it’s always good to remind ourselves the achievement by looking at our neighbors, fellow travellers, or even people who we inspire.

Have a good fruitful and blessed year ahead, peeps! Below is a gallery of some (few) of Minahasan traditional foods.

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