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Sleep Paralysis, Mengapa Saya Memilih untuk Tidak Lucid Dream

Selamat berakhir pekan teman-teman semua! Kali ini saya mau menuliskan pengalaman mengenai sleep paralysis yang “setia” mendampingi saya bertahun-tahun. Tahukah teman-teman apa itu sleep paralysis? Sleep paralysis adalah perasaan yang dalam bahasa Indonesia digambarkan sebagai “ketindihan” dan dikaitkan dengan pengalaman mistis/supranatural. Hal ini saya kurang setuju, dan saya lebih suka menyebutnya sleep paralysis atau secara… Continue reading Sleep Paralysis, Mengapa Saya Memilih untuk Tidak Lucid Dream

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REVIEW: Sheet Mask

Disclaimer: This is not a promoted post. I don’t get endorsed for all the products mentioned in this post. All products were bought by my own money.

Heyho, beautiful people!

Do you love sheet masks? Because I do. What brands do you usually use? Mine? A large varieties. I do love trying sheet masks just for the sake of fun. Btw, the fun of the sheet masks last till the last drop. So if you still have few drops left in the packaging, try to store the pack inside your fridge. Soak a cotton pad with the last drops for the next day’s toner/moisturizer.

Some of my recently tried sheet masks will be reviewed here. Only a few because I forgot the rest…problem of not documenting them beforehand. So, here we go.



Image Source: SK-II Website

Rave SK-II products. It seems redundant to explain the hype of SK-II. Its Pitera compound deeply nourishes my skin and leaves it glowing. However, I no longer use FTE due to some issues like paraben, so I don’t collect the complete regime anymore. Sheet mask is the remaining product after having finished the FTE.

Overall, the paper is strong and thick. Nourishing enough? Well, it depends. I didn’t see significant change in my complexion. It just hydrates my skin, leaving it supple and moist. Glow is the result of the hydrated and healthy skin. And I think this is still achievable by some other good sheet masks.

Verdict: not repurchase.

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask


Image Source: Sociolla

I love the promise of brightening my complexion. Well, actually I only used it once, so the promise hadn’t been validated.

Verdict: I just repurchased.

Vivelle Vit C Collagen

I know if I mention I love it because of its smell, I’d get cursed. I personally abandon all the rest of my skincare regime because of the fragrance and now I praise one product because of the very fragrance? Yes curse me.


Not because of the fragrance, obviously. The sheet mask is rich in collagen and vitamin C, leaving my skin glowing and supply afterward. The good smell is secondary. I was appealed by the collagen and vit C content, my holy grail for glowing complexion (and the fact that I’m almost 30 so I’m collagen-hungry…forget it).

Verdict: kind of repurchase.


Image Source: Personal camera Samsung J1 2016

Mentholatum Beauty Mask Lifting Moisture

This one’s fragrance isn’t too strong and I love the smooth and supple feeling of my complexion after using this overnight.

Verdict: kind of repurchase.

Feel free to share your experience with sheet mask in the comments section below.




Hair and Beauty Tricks

DIY Skincare: Natural Home Remedies

Heyho every beautiful person! I want to share about my daily routine (day and night) that I religiously followed since 1.5 years ago. I switched from medical skin clinic in medio 2014 and nearly 4 months I spent for trial and error in vast range of skincare products, comprising premium brands and drugstore. Since late… Continue reading DIY Skincare: Natural Home Remedies

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My Recovery from FAM

Dear readers, Saya mau sharing nih pengalaman sembuh dari suatu penyakit yang khas kaum perempuan. Namanya FAM (fibroadenoma mammae). Saya didiagnosis penyakit ini sekitar Februari 2015. FAM ini berupa jaringan yang tumbuh abnormal di payudara. Awal diketahuinya penyakit ini pada saya bukan karena saya rutin melakukan SADARI (PerikSA PayuDAra SendiRI) sih, tetapi karena keanehan yang… Continue reading My Recovery from FAM

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My Book: Dies Irae

Hello my lovely readers, Lamaaaa sekali ya saya tidak mengupdate blog post ini, ada berbulan-bulan deh sejak yang terakhir. Percayalah, itu bukan karena saya jadi mellow dan memutuskan untuk shut off semua, tetapi saya sedang melakukan aktivitas menarik selama hiatus ini. Menulis buku. Yeah, tidak terlalu mengejutkan, sih, tetapi untuk saya yang bertahun-tahun di dunia… Continue reading My Book: Dies Irae